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Christmas with Family | Birmingham, AL

I spent part of my Christmas at my grandmother's house. For the second year, I missed two of my nephews and my niece because they were gone by the time I got there. I haven't physically seen them in over a year. I guess I'll see them before the year is out; hopefully.

Those of us that were there all had a great time. Of course, I pulled out the camera to take a few shots, however, it somehow turned into a portrait session. I didn't take a family photo since everyone wasn't there. But here's a look at those that were. 

Oh, by the way, it snowed in Birmingham on Christmas!!! That's a first for me. 

This is my grandmother and aunt.

My nephew Tyrique is always the funniest to shoot. He has to get into character first. Hilarious!

My sister Tara and her family. Amiri, along with her daughters Ashleigh and Nicole. 

Three of the sensational six. I hope to get photos of the other three soon.

And finally, my sisters {some}, Katara, Toshiba, and I.

Those that know me know that there are more sisters and brothers than this. I wonder if I can get a photo with ALL of them at once. Hmmm…next project!


Bre'Anna Pt 2 | Birmingham, AL

More from my shoot with Bre'Anna.


Bre'Anna | Birmingham, AL

Meet Ms. Bre'Anna, my baby sister. She and I spent Saturday evening together at Railroad Park. She is full of life and so much fun to be around. Some of the things she says will leave you laughing for hours. We had planned to shoot much earlier in the day, but the busy diva had a few plans. But, we do plan on meeting up today to do more shooting and to visit my new favorite place again, Railroad Park. The Legendary Shots will be there shooting basketball from hot air balloons. Of course, I'll have images to share later today.


New Life

These images are of a shoot that I actually did the latter part of last year. I decided to edit them to black and white. It added somewhat of a nostalgic feel for me. As usual, it was a joy to capture Joye. :)


On the Yard

I had a photo shoot on the on the campus of Miles College a few days ago. There was a back to school event going on for the students complete with goodies, a mini step show, and some musical entertainment. I took a moment to capture a few images. Being there quickly took me back to my college days at Clark Atlanta University. It's always exhilarating to hang out "on the yard"; especially if it's an HBCU.



Today I had the opportunity to capture Briana, or as we call her, Bri. I've known Bri since she was very young and she has turned out to be such a beautiful young lady.


Brand Marketing

So, after weeks of design, color, and font indecisiveness, I have finally decided on a logo and business card! Yay me! I am completely happy with the overall design. I came across the font Scriptina while browsing through fonts this past weekend. I really like the way the letters give you a hint of femininity, yet it's not too girly. Then I completed the design with my all time favorite font, Walkway Upper Extreme. Lots and lots of thanks to Overnight Prints for shipping my cards 4 days earlier than expected. Take a look and let me know what you think!


JAAFAR | Artist Spotlight: Video Blog

This weekend, I finally had the opportunity to hear Jaafar perform live at the McWane Center here in Birmingham. He is a contemporary soul R&B artist whose career has really taken off! If you enjoy artists like Bilal and Music Soulchild, then you are definitely in for a treat. But don't take my word for it, check out the sample included in the video. When you're done, surf over to Jafaar Travel Light and order your copy of Travel Light. You will NOT be disappointed.

Artist Info
name: Jaafar
album: Travel Light
song in video: Can We Make Time


Belfast, Northern Ireland

I was browsing through some old images and came across some images that I shot while visiting Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2006. I was using a point and shoot at the time, but I was still amazed at the overall quality of the images. I have never really shared the images so I decided to do so now. The images have been slightly retouched using Adobe Lightroom 3 (it rocks). I will label what I can remember.   :)