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nikia | birmingham maternity session

finally, the last post for the day. last, but not least, on the blog is nikia. nikia and her two little cuties came ready for their session. the light that morning was so perfect for these three. nikia is expecting another boy and he's going to be so well loved by his older siblings.

the mahones | atlanta e-session

so i decided to give you all a short break from all of the maternity sessions. meet the mahones, or soon to be, at least. shonkeya and jeremale met in college at alabama state university some years ago. they eventually left alabama and made georgia their home. i was in atlanta last weekend for shonkeya's bridal shower and in just 12 days from now, they'll be happily married. i completely love these two! they are enjoying life and all the love and happiness it holds. that's what it's all about, right? here are a few images from our session.

tiffany | atlanta maternity session

next on the blog is tiffany. i told you all this was the season for babies. for tiffany's session, we went to piedmont park. to our surprise, it was also the same day as the food truck festival. but we found a few quiet spots as we took a long walk towards the center of the park. tiffany was a trooper because it was hot! lol but she, and her bottle of water, remained cool, calm, and collected. she did a lot better than i did. right after her session, i started to feel so sick. thankfully, the ladies at perhaps a wrap food truck were there to save the day. look them up; their food is awesome! like the others that i've posted about today, kendall rose has arrived and she melts my heart! i guess this is also the season for baby girls, huh? here are a few images from our session.

khristian | birmingham maternity session

up next on the blog is khristian's maternity session. no one is exempt from the tragedies that can occur in life, but there are times when it just doesn't seem fair. khristian's original session was delayed because her fiance lost his life to a tragic motorcycle accident the night before our session. i'll never forget the pain that went through my heart when i read the text message from her sister. there were absolutely no words that i could give to heal her. it was one of the hardest phone calls i've ever made. khristian and kenny had been a pair since the early years of their childhood. they went through college together, became engaged, and was waiting for kennedi. khristian decided that she didn't want a maternity session but her mom encouraged her to document this special moment in her life. khristian was so strong. i felt her pain and could even see it, but she found a way to smile and push through. baby kennedi has made her appearance and she is a beautiful reminder of God's miracles and blessings.

awaiting baby loren | birmingham maternity session

next on the blog is the jones maternity session. this is apparently the season for having babies because the next few posts are also maternity sessions. there's so much that i can say about this family. tenika has become such a great friend for so many reasons. she's one of those people that you just don't meet everyday. she cares like no other. crazy at times, but lovable all the same. baby loren is a blessing to her family. oh, and by the way, she's here! she's so adorable and has the best big brother ever! here are some images from our session. congrats lorenzo, tenika, and dj; loren is a doll!

eddie + jerri | birmingham e-session

things have been super busy lately so i've been away for a while. as a result, get ready for an overhaul of posts. :) first up is eddie and jerri. when jerri contacted me about their session, i just knew this session would be great. she had such a sweet personality. being the "self proclaimed" introvert that i am, i often find a minor challenge warming up to new people, but i got over it quickly with these two. their love for each other is abundant and highly evident. i had much fun. but don't take my word, see for yourself. thanks again you two and thank you, san, for the referral.