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kennedi is 2 | birmingham children's photographer

it seems just yesterday we were shooting kennedi's first birthday session. for her second birthday, we wanted to do something really fun and i was thinking something different as well. when i suggested the idea of shooting at a creamery, khristian was all in. we met at k & j's elegant pastries on a perfect (hot) saturday for ice cream. when they first presented their "kolossal shake", kennedi's reaction was "wow", smile and all. unfortunately that's all the love she gave the ice cream; she was more interested in her mom's cupcake. kennedi is definitely a baby girl that knows what she wants. happy birthday kennedi. i pray for 200 more and a lifetime of love and happiness to you. be sure to check out k & j's elegant pastries here and here.


stephanie | birmingham maternity photographer

stephanie is ready for baby boy #2. she was such a trooper on this beautiful, yet hot, day. with her birthday also coming up soon, stephanie has a lot to celebrate in the next few months. check out a few of my favorite images from our session.

mua: milicent payne


i am not my hair | birmingham lifestyle photography

when rhonda called to book her appointment, i had no idea the surprise or shall i say reveal she was planning. rhonda decided to change things up for her birthday by shaving off her hair. when we arrived at the session location, i was completely shocked and in awe of her beauty. absolutely beautiful! rhonda said that she decided to let it all go and she felt comfortable doing so! rhonda's wardrobe change said it all, "i am not my hair!" as if she didn't already know, or didn't believe us telling her, a kid (that we didn't know) said to her mom in reference to rhonda, "she's pretty...she's bald"; and we all know kids tell the truth! i couldn't have agreed more. anyone that knows rhonda, knows that her beauty starts from within and shines outward. rhonda, today is your day! walk that walk and rock your truth! have an awesome birthday! everyone wish rhonda a happy birthday!