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kiona's sweet 16 in the city

sweet 16 parties are becoming one of my favorite type of events to shoot. just seeing the joy in the guest of honor's face and her surrounding family and friends makes me happy. :) kiona's sweet 16 in the city was fabulous! she arrived in a stretch hummer with an entourage of her closest friends. her mom coordinated the entire event (event planners amaze me; how do they handle so much)! kiona's smile was proof that she was very pleased with her big night. here are a few images; more can be viewed here.


d'yana's royal 16

i remember 16 and it was nothing like this! d'yana recently turned 16 and her parents made sure everything was perfect. i'm sure this was a night she will remember for a long time. everyone had a great time and they danced all night! here are a few images from d'yana's big night. additional images can be found here.