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JAAFAR | Artist Spotlight: Video Blog

This weekend, I finally had the opportunity to hear Jaafar perform live at the McWane Center here in Birmingham. He is a contemporary soul R&B artist whose career has really taken off! If you enjoy artists like Bilal and Music Soulchild, then you are definitely in for a treat. But don't take my word for it, check out the sample included in the video. When you're done, surf over to Jafaar Travel Light and order your copy of Travel Light. You will NOT be disappointed.

Artist Info
name: Jaafar
album: Travel Light
song in video: Can We Make Time


Belfast, Northern Ireland

I was browsing through some old images and came across some images that I shot while visiting Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2006. I was using a point and shoot at the time, but I was still amazed at the overall quality of the images. I have never really shared the images so I decided to do so now. The images have been slightly retouched using Adobe Lightroom 3 (it rocks). I will label what I can remember.   :)


Quack Quack

I visited one of my favorite places for tranquility today, Aldridge Gardens. The ducks were unusually friendly and was high in number. They allowed me to get pretty close to shoot but little 'ol chicken me would shoot and run, LOL. But I was able to capture a few images. I also captured a few flowers. There weren't many, which is also unusual. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my little outing. 



Yesterday a friend suggested that I try Moscato. She recently had it herself for the first time and was telling me how good it was. I was in the store when she called so I picked up a bottle. Of course, there were several brands and she, herself, had tried Sutter Home. However, she suggested that I try the kind in the "blue bottle" because she was told it was smoother. So I picked the one in the "blue bottle", which I say is a green bottle. Nonetheless, I am in love…with a new wine. It is smooth and has a great taste. I will probably try another brand next time just to compare. In the meantime, if you haven't tried it, you should.


Wedding Bells

A couple of months ago, I posted an image from an engagement session of a couple to be married. On last Saturday, Tanisha and Joe finally tied the knot. The wedding was classy, unique, and very beautiful. I dreaded the threat of thunderstorms that day as well as the extra hot temperatures we've been having. But, the skies were sunny and shockingly it wasn't hot. There was actually a cool breeze every now and then. The couple was so much fun to work with and I've never seen a pair more created for each other than the two of them. Here are a few images while I work on completing the others. 

What's In a Name?

Most of you may know that I recently changed the name of my business from Phoetyk Images Photography to tancrowder photography. It was a tough decision, but I thought it was best for brand marketing. I like the fact that I can now identify my name with my images and people no longer ask who's the photographer behind Phoetyk Images. Most liked the name change but still prefer to identify me with Phoetyk Images. Personally, I'll answer to either. After all, Phoetyk started it all.


I shot Devan's 1st birthday party. She was such a joy to capture. Her look of innocence would warm anyone's heart. She's a natural for the camera. I converted some of the images to black and white, one because black and white images are my favorite, and two, it added a certain mood to the images. I wanted to share a couple for you to enjoy.