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I Do Solemnly Swear

The Honorable Mayor William A. Bell, Sr was sworn in today as hundreds of people gathered to witness this event. As many know, the city has had 4 mayors in the past 4 months due to political bitterness and bickering. The event overall was nice despite the cold weather. I have included a few images from the event.


Let Freedom Ring

I'm working on a project about the Civil Rights Movement. I had a chance to get out and do some shooting this week at a local park here in Birmingham, Kelly Ingram Park. I have decided to post images here as I shoot each week. 

Located in the Civil Rights District, Kelly Ingram Park is a historical park because of the many demonstrations held during the movement in the 1960s. I edited the images in sepia tone to add a warm, nostalgic feel to the images. I intend to expand the images beyond Birmingham to include cities such as Selma and Montgomery.




Can't Wait Til Spring

I'm so sleepy but I haven't blogged in two weeks. I'm still working to keep my promise to blog more. But I read today that we are going to have springlike weather the rest of the week. That sounds wonderful, especially since I am not a fan of winter weather. But even more wonderful because I can shoot flowers as they bloom. Spring is my favorite season of the year. Thank God I don't have any issues with allergies.

I thought I would share a few images captured last spring and summer. Most were captured at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Aldridge Gardens. Enjoy


Forever Love | Terrance + Kassander

These are a collection of images that I shot last October. The couple, my college roommate and her husband, was so much fun to work with. They recently celebrated 6 years of marriage yet they act like newlyweds. I hope to have the opportunity to shoot them again soon.