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On the Yard

I had a photo shoot on the on the campus of Miles College a few days ago. There was a back to school event going on for the students complete with goodies, a mini step show, and some musical entertainment. I took a moment to capture a few images. Being there quickly took me back to my college days at Clark Atlanta University. It's always exhilarating to hang out "on the yard"; especially if it's an HBCU.



Today I had the opportunity to capture Briana, or as we call her, Bri. I've known Bri since she was very young and she has turned out to be such a beautiful young lady.


Brand Marketing

So, after weeks of design, color, and font indecisiveness, I have finally decided on a logo and business card! Yay me! I am completely happy with the overall design. I came across the font Scriptina while browsing through fonts this past weekend. I really like the way the letters give you a hint of femininity, yet it's not too girly. Then I completed the design with my all time favorite font, Walkway Upper Extreme. Lots and lots of thanks to Overnight Prints for shipping my cards 4 days earlier than expected. Take a look and let me know what you think!