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Railroad Park at Night | Birmingham, AL

I've blogged a few times about Railroad Park. I absolutely love this place! Here are a few night images taken in the park.

Natasha Rogers | Birmingham, AL

I was up late editing due to insomnia. I took a break from editing and started browsing my images. I came across some photos taken earlier this year of Natasha. Tasha, as she's known by friends, is the Special Events Coordinator and the masterminds behind the many events we've enjoyed at Railroad Park. I shot these images for one of her many media appearances. Enjoy.

Deep in the Heart of Texas | Dallas, TX

I traveled to Dallas a few months for a work conference. I had mixed emotions about going. I was thrilled to finally travel to Dallas, but not so thrilled at the thought of a conference (which turned out be much fun, btw). On my last day there, I had a few hours to spare so I ventured downtown a bit. I didn't go too far because the city was a complete stranger to me. Plus, I was told not to go into some areas. But since I was unfamiliar with any of the areas, I played it really safe (not usually my style) and stayed pretty close to my job's headquarters. The downfall is that I didn't get many images. I hope to travel back to Dallas for pleasure. Next time I'll have a list of must sees. Here are a few images of my short venture downtown.


The Austin/Stack Family | Fultondale, AL

Baby Owen's dedication brought the Austin and Stack family together in Fultondale on Mother's Day. It was very special occasion for Owen. His mother, Emily, is a coworker. Her family was such a joy to meet. Everyone was so nice. Owen has a beautiful little cousin, Anna, that stole my heart as well. Thanks again Emily for choosing me to photograph your family. Here are a few images to share.

Sunday Dinner and Lemon…Water | Birmingham, AL

Yes, I said lemon water. With such a great, low calorie meal, how can you add sugar to the mix? I actually love lemon water. Not only is it a diuretic, it also adds a nice, crisp twist to water. Of course I love to photograph the meals that I like cooking most so I grabbed the camera. This is a sauteed mixture of zucchini, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, and onion. I normally include mushrooms but I forgot to pick them up at the store earlier. The fish are catfish fillets seasoned with a few favorites from the pantry. It was sooo good! What did you eat today?


Tornado Disaster Relief Benefit Concert | Birmingham, AL

Birmingham's Railroad Park was the host to the Tornado Disaster Relief Benefit Concert. Guests included Tramaine Hawkins, Twinkie Clark of the The Clark Sisters, Ruben Studdard, Denita Gibbs, Ben Tankard and many more great talents. I am so glad that I attended despite the cold weather. Here are a few images from the event.
Tramaine Hawkins
Tramaine Hawkins
Ruben Studdard
Denita Gibbs
Twinkie Clark

Twinkie Clark


Tumblr and Instagram Fun

I stumbled upon probably my most fav new iPhone app, Instagram, a few weeks ago. After a few minutes of fun, I decided to create a Tumblr page to post my images. Initially, I didn't understand the concept of Tumblr. But now, I can't seem to get enough. Stop by and check out my pagewhen you have a moment.